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tarinainanika is an international theatre company specialising in Corporeal Mime. Drawing on the rich technique and creative processes of Corporeal Mime we devise original pieces centred on the expressive power of the human body. We also run a school offering a range of teaching programmes, from full-time professional training to one-off classes and workshops. In 2019 we relocated from Tokyo to Osaka and, after a year of DIY refurbishment, opened the Flying Carpet Factory where we now run the school, company and an event space. Here we offer a place of discovery, creativity and collaboration, for artists and creators from Osaka and beyond. 



Performance and Event Info

August 26th and 27th
Diploma Presentations 

Third year students Yukiko Masui and Ryuta Kawai will each perform a solo piece they have created as the culmination of their three-year diploma programme.

Rey Camoy2023チラシ用静止画修正済み.jpg

Kanazawa Night Museum

Homage to Rey Camoy

A programme of film screenings, short performances, talks and workshops, inspired by Rey Camoy, a painter from Kanazawa.  

Free Trial Class!

Daily training in Corporeal Mime

At the Corporeal Mime School of Performing Arts we offer daily classes in the “actor art” of Etienne Decroux. You can sign up for classes on an ad hoc basis or enrol in the full-time course. 

Rey Camoy UK tour.jpg

Rey Camoy UK Tour

October 2023

Exeter - London - Rugby - Colchester - Keele - Oxford


IAfter a 3 year, pandemic-induced lull, tarinainanika is on the road again! This October we're doing a tour of six towns and cities in the UK, performing Rey Camoy and giving talks and workshops. UK friends - we look forward to seeing you then!



Corporeal Mime School of Performing Arts

nurturing the next generation actor-creator

In October 2020 we opened our school in Osaka with the aim of offering the highest level of training in the art of Corporeal Mime. Here students can acquire the technical skills to express drama through the body and the creative toolkit needed for a career as an independent theatre-maker. Whether you're looking to develop as a professional artist or simply curious to experience this "art of the thinking body", we look forward to welcoming you. 




the drama of being and doing

tarinainanika is a physical theatre company specialising in Corporeal Mime, the 'actor art' founded by Etienne Decroux in 20th century France. The company is led by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke, third-generation artists in the tradition of Corporeal Mime. With each piece we create we seek to push the boundaries of what can be expressed by an actor's body on stage. We present our works at our studio in Osaka, across Japan and internationally. 




rental studio / event space

In 2019 we relocated from Tokyo to Osaka and began renovating an old tatami and carpet warehouse in Higashinari Ward. A year later the Flying Carpet Factory opened its doors. The studio is home to the Corporeal Mime School of Performing Arts and tarinainanika theatre company. As well as using the space for our own creative and teaching purposes we also let it out to other artists and creators.