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Visiting Workshops

Visiting workshops

As well as teaching at the Flying Carpet Factory, we hold workshops off-site in schools, offices, rehearsal studios and other places of work and study. We design programmes on the themes of creativity and communication, adapting our teaching methods to suit the needs of the participants. Workshops can be taught in both Japanese and English, online or in person. If you'd like to find out more please contact us using the contact form or by email (


Schools and universities

These workshops are for junior high school, high school, and university students. Participants will learn how to use their bodies to express thoughts and feelings, and enjoy the thrill of creating in the absence of  rules. Through the process of group creation, students will experience the importance of actively expressing their opinions, listening to the opinions of others and collaborating under a shared goal.


For those studying the performing arts we can design more specialised workshops focusing on the history, technique and creative process of Corporeal Mime.


Corporate training 

These workshops help individuals and teams  hone their creativity and communication skills through the medium of the body. 


Participants will gain awareness of the messages they are transmitting through their bodies, expand their physical vocabulary and become more creative in their expressive choices. These skills are relevant to all forms of communication such as giving presentations and building cross-cultural relationships. Learning to use the body more creatively will also boosts participants' energy and presence in any situation. 


Performers and artists

We are frequently invited to run workshops for actors, dancers, singers and other performers looking for new ways to refine their physical expression and develop their creative potential.


Participants will gain practical skills drawn from the art of Corporeal Mime, such as how to create stylised gestures and actions, how to compose physical drama, how to construct dynamic group scenes and how to direct a piece of physical theatre. We are happy to work one-to-one or with groups. We can adapt our teaching methods to suit the needs of the participants. 


Visiting workshops

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