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a tarinainanika production

​Rey Camoy

Directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke
Performed by Kentaro Suyama, Tania Coke, Ryuta Kawai, Yukiko Masui, Masaya Tsujimoto, Teruya Sugimoto

Inspired by the life and work of the tragic Japanese painter, Rey Camoy portrays the artist’s search for beauty through the physical poetry of the stage.

Rey Camoy (1928-1985) was described by Tokyo Art Beat as “a little-known peripatetic Japanese painter of the human condition”. Over his career he painted countless portraits of drunks, clowns, disabled soldiers, old crones - searching obsessively for himself in these lost souls. He took his own life at the age of 57.

tarinainanika’s production shows the artist in his studio surrounded by the characters from his creations. The drama unfolds without a word, with intricate ensemble-work and startling physicality. It’s a gut-wrenching love-song to beauty - the kind of beauty worth living for, and dying for.

"Utterly captivating. .I was entirely drawn into their world. I had goosebumps throughout.”

“There were no unnecessary movements or forced moments. I was fascinated by the sharpness of the acting.”

“It was my first time to see Corporeal Mime. I was overwhelmed by how a world view can be expressed just through the body, without text.

"The movement was so dynamic. The show was full of moments that cannot be described in words. It was simply amazing."

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