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tarinainanika production

A Work-in-Progress Performance

​Rey Camoy

Date:July 23-24 2022 (Sat/Sun)
Time:13:00  (doors open 12:30)

Directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke
Performed by Kentaro Suyama, Tania Coke, Ryuta Kawai, Yukiko Masui, Masaya Tsujimoto, Teruya Sugimoto

Our current creation is a theatrical fantasy inspired by the life and paintings of Japanese artist Rey Camoy. Up until his early death, Camoy painted numerous self-portraits, as if endlessly searching for his true self. Our production is also a search for identity, brought to life through the technique and creative devices of Corporeal Mime.

The programme includes a talk about Corporeal Mime and its distinctive creative process.

The full version of this work-in-progress performance will be presented in December 2022. In March 2023 we'll be creating a film version of the piece, which will be shot in Ishikawa Prefecture, where Camoy was born. 

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tarinainanika production

A Work-in-Progress Performance

【Rey Camoy 鴨居玲】

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